Is Facebook taking over our lives?

untitledThere is a compelling argument to suggest that Facebook is in fact taking over the lives of teens, young adults and even kids throughout the globe. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg set up Facebook it has gone from strength to strength and unbelievably has over 1 billion users at this moment in time. Its staggering popularity make Facebook the premier social networking site on the net. The rise in the amount of people purchasing smart phones means that Facebook is more accessible and people will invariably spend more time on the site.

From a personal view I visit Facebook everyday without fail, as like many people my age it is a bit of a social shrine that I seek religiously to answer my social prayers. Even though I am currently without a smartphone due to a terribly unlucky drunken accident I still manage to visit Facebook at least once a day as every time I use a laptop it is the first site I look for, as I am sure is common among internet users of my ilk. It offers people a simple way to connect with their friends from the comfort of their own home and maybe this comfort might get in the way of other more pressing things in ones life. I myself can occasionally be distracted momentarily from important things like college work by Facebook, as I am sure my favorite lecturer Colette can confirm.

Even after pointing out all the dangers of Facebook as an easily addictive form of social media I believe its positives outweigh its negatives and I feel it is a necessity in my life although in moderation. It has so many positive uses that it would be an injustice to ever classify it as a hindrance. It is a great way to socialize although if it is your only form of socializing you know you have a problem. It is also a great form of advertising for businesses, while also a great source of receiving information on products and services for users.
Well I hope ye enjoyed this blog but for now I must go, Facebook awaits!