What I learned from NTFM blogging

Before I ever had the module New Technologies for Marketers I must admit that I had never previously blogged or even knew what blogging entailed. It was only when I begin blogging as part of my NTFM module that I realized how complex blogging can be as their is much more to it then just simply expressing your opinion. You must also share videos you find relevant and share certain widgets on your page such as your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Blogging on WordPress is much different to other social media accounts that I am currently using as it is a lot more formal way of expressing ones opinion.

I am delighted now in hindsight that I have been educated in the use of blogs because social media is rapidly increasing in everyday life both socially and in the workplace. In marketing especially, social media is gaining extra importance and it seems to be involved one way or another in every assignment we carry out. I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to express myself in a module where my opinion was what mattered as their is no right or wrong answer. 

I am delighted to have learned so much about blogging and also how to make a video presentation. Hopefully I can pursue social media marketing further down the line in my studies as I really enjoyed NTFM,

even if I didn’t grace Colette with my presence quite as often as I would have liked. Image