Twitter is a social media site where users can express themselves in 140 characters which are known as tweets. It is different to other social media sites, such as Facebook as it is more of an account for micro-blogging. Twitter has been in active use since 2006 and at the moment has over 500 million users, with a staggering 340 million tweets sent daily and over 1.6 million search queries on the site. 

It is one of the top 10 most visited sites on the internet at the moment so addiction can be present with users without them being aware. Especially with the monumental growth in the number of people who own a smartphone, Twitter is now more accessible than ever. Its easy accessibility with its popular App. means that many users visit the site every hour, to either tweet or even just to see what others are tweeting about. it is quite irritating when you are in a conversation with someone and you suddenly realize you are playing second fiddle to their phone and more often than not, Twitter. I know from personal experience, the buzz associated with a new tweet along with the excitement and anticipation about how many “retweets” or “favourites” you can conjure up. This can almost take up all your concentration for a while where everything else may become irrelevant.

There are many people I follow that tweet excessively and it even seems that the response they receive can influence their daily mood as they give a new meaning to the term “freedom of speech”. More and more people are forgetting the simple pleasures of things like, waiting in a line or bumping into new people as they are too engrossed in their Twitter feed or else tweeting about something largely irrelevant. It is the small things in life that are being lost to Twitter that worry me most as I just wonder if this addiction keeps worsening, will people even talk in the future? Or will conversation be limited to Tweets?