Apps are dead, Long live mobile.

I do not particularly agree with this statement as I am one of the many people within  the Irish population who own a smartphone and therefore I regularly depend on my Apps to get on sites like Facebook in a much faster and efficient way then using a search engine. They provide benefits to both businesses who provide apps for there consumers and also for the consumer as they both grow a closer relationship. It helps get a product to be more accessible for the consumer and also prevents the problems associated with getting stuck in spam folders. It also helps generate extra exposure for the product through mobiles and is also positive for repeat sales. I believe these are all positive points for businesses in a global economy that is currently on its knees so any help businesses and products get for extra exposure can only be positive. From a personal point of view I believe Apps. are a positive for me due to factors such as easy accesability and also things like notifications of events and launches which might have otherwise passed you by. I also find Apps are more personalized than finding a site on mobile web as it lets you change certain appliances to your benefit and also helps for schedules etc. I also believe it has the advantage of speed, as a mobile app. will only take seconds to open while mobile web on the other hand could take up to a few minutes if reception is poor.